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Blog about web and mobile development by Vlado Pandžić

In this blog I will write about creating web and mobile apps, about web and mobile technologies. Topics like creating react component, SEO optimization of wordpress site, creating C# extension methods and hundreds of more. Lots of topics were inspired by real problems I faced at work or doing personal projects. Some of them are inspired by things I read about recently. You can see more about me here, or find more about projects I done.

Latest posts:

SQLite improvements in EF Core 5.0

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One of biggest limitations of SQLite database is that it has limited support for changing database schema after it was designed initially. For example, simple dropping of existing column is not possible. The only schema altering commands directly supported by…

Continuous integration and Continuous delivery using VSTS

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In this article I will explain how I setup basic CI/CD pipeline in VSTS. Creating build agent First thing is to go to your VSTS (it is called Azure DevOps now) and download build agent. Build agent is not only…

ASP.NET MVC isomorfic arhitecture with React.js

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Goals for creating isomorfic architecture First of all I would like to explain my goals for creating this arhitecture: Less code duplication Less bugs Much easier maintainance of the web page Separation of the concerns between backend and frontend Completely…

Advantages of using React as view layer in ASP.NET MVC applications

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Javascript frameworks like AngularJs and React are great for building  building SPA (single page applications).  However, problem with those client frameworks is that content is rendered on the client.  And rendering on the client affects SEO (search engine optimization) which…

Comparing Kotlin to C#

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One of the best way for learning new language is to compare it with language you already know. In this article we will make comparison between Kotlin and C# languages. Kotlin is now official language for Android development. In this…

Building consistent responses in ASP.NET Web Api

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This is my second part of the article about building consistent Web Api response. First was just high level overview about idea for building consistent web api responses. This article is about building consistent responses in ASP.NET Web Api specifically. Main idea…

Building consistent web api responses

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This blog post will be about importance of building consistent web api responses. This first part will be almost language agnostic, but if you want to see real implementation of building consistent response from ASP.NET Web Api you can read…