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Underscore.js it javascript utility library that contains useful functions like select, filter, find, reduce, map, pluck and more. Including in the page is very simple and simplest way possible is including it’s source inside script tag. It has few main areas:

  • String operations – Basic operations on strings like converting it to uppercase, camel case, trimming, and similar
  • Collections
  • – operators for iterating over collections, sorting them combining them and compressing

  • Object
  • – functions for extending object, merging two objects together or transforming object

  • Function
  • – functions for binding, ecorating, debouncing,currying

Underscore is javascript library simplifies working with data in your web applications. Comparable utility library is called lodash and it seems that recently become more popular than underscore.js especially because it is faster in some cases and. Underscore.js core developers also deveted their energy towards lodash. It has same functions, and just like undescore.js offers two way of writing code – functional syntax and object oriented syntax. So, by learning underscore you are basically learning lodash also.

Comparing underscore.js with Linq

vpandzic 0

If you are .NET developer you are probably spoiled by how it is easy to manipulate collections using LINQ. However, if you are full stack developer and write a lot of Javascript you know that is not elegant to manipulate…