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Nuget is free package manager for Microsoft development platform. Since Visual Studio 2012,it comes preinstalled with Microsoft’s most popular IDE. It’s idea and goal is to make managing third party dependencies inside solution a lot easier.
It is similar to npm for those familiar with javascript. Creating package is not hard so it great way of contributing to open source .NET world. Installing package from nuget is really simple to. It is mather of clicking on project inside Visual Studio and clicking “Manage NuGet packages”. From there it is possible to browser whole gallery, find installed packages, or update ones you already have installed. In this series of articles I will explain how to create package, how to upload it on your own server, or upload it to – place where majority of packages live – central package repository used by all package authors and consumers.

Creating nuget package

vpandzic 0

First step to create nuget package is to create .nuspec  file. If you are familiar with npm then it is even easier for you because I will make comparison with npm along the way. In npm you would do npm…