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SEO – search engine optimization

SEO- search engine optimization is process of making web pages get higher ranking on search engine’s result pages. In most cases, the higher rank web page has there is more change that it will have more visitors and more customers. SEO is not only limited to web pages, it can target different kinds of search like images, videos, academic search and more. It is not completely known how some specific works and what is formula for getting first on them but there are lot of best practisies you can apply to rank higher. There are big number of factors that affect ranking length of the content, keyword in h1 tag, keyword in title tag, image optimization, outbound links, domain trust, optimizations for mobile, links from homepage, link anchors, sitemap, internal links, canonical tag and much more. In this series of articles about few of these concepts will be explained.

Block indexing wordpress date arhives pages

vpandzic 0

Duplicate content is one thing that can harm your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) badly. Let’s imagine this common example: You created post today (28/08/2017) and it is called “Block indexing wordpress date archives page”. By default, wordpress will create this…