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List of articles about React – javascript framework for building user interfaces. It is built and maintained by Facebook and also by community as it is open sourced.

React.js features

Virtual Dom

Virtual Object Model. React creates in memory data structure, compares that structure with DOM and does updates accordingly. Because of that feature React is known for it’s speed.

One-way data flow

Each react component receive list of properties that component can’t change directly but can also receive callback functions that can be executed in case change is needed.


For years people talk about importance of separation of HTML and Javascript. However, React.js combines them again. Altought, code inside it’s render function resembles HTML it is in fact JSX, and in production is compiled to javascript.

One great thing about this framework is theirs “learn once write anywhere” philosophy. By learning react you will not only be able to write web but native mobile applications for Android and iOS.

Advantages of using React as view layer in ASP.NET MVC applications

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Javascript frameworks like AngularJs and React are great for building  building SPA (single page applications).  However, problem with those client frameworks is that content is rendered on the client.  And rendering on the client affects SEO (search engine optimization) which…

Creating react-highlighter component

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If you were creating your own autocomplete in jQuery, React or any other library/framework you probably wanted to highlight some letters of each item that matches user search criteria something like this: In this article I will explain idea, and…