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Blog about web and mobile development by Vlado Pandžić

In this blog I will write about creating web and mobile apps, about web and mobile technologies. Topics like creating react component, SEO optimization of wordpress site, creating C# extension methods and hundreds of more. Lots of topics were inspired by real problems I faced at work or doing personal projects. Some of them are inspired by things I read about recently. You can see more about me here, or find more about projects I done.

Latest posts:

Creating react-highlighter component

vpandzic 1

If you were creating your own autocomplete in jQuery, React or any other library/framework you probably wanted to highlight some letters of each item that matches user search criteria something like this: In this article I will explain idea, and…

Comparing underscore.js with Linq

vpandzic 0

If you are .NET developer you are probably spoiled by how it is easy to manipulate collections using LINQ. However, if you are full stack developer and write a lot of Javascript you know that is not elegant to manipulate…

Using LINQ in Android for all API levels with android-linq

vpandzic 0

If you have been C# developer who then started programming for Android you were amazed with the fact that Java is similar to C#, much more than new official language for Android development – Kotlin. However, soon you find out…