How Set Matte effect works – for beginners

In After Effects, Hitfilm or any other video editing program there is so called Set Matte filter. You can apply Set Matte to all kind of things videos, images. Once you apply it on one thing  (inside effects options)  you must specify what is “Matte” for that first thing. Imagine for example we have some

Block indexing wordpress date arhives pages

Duplicate content is one thing that can harm your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) badly. Let’s imagine this common example: You created post today (28/08/2017) and it is called “Block indexing wordpress date archives page”. By default, wordpress will create this link for this post: I am really not big fan of date inside your
how to create nuget package

Creating nuget package

First step to create nuget package is to create .nuspec  file. If you are familiar with npm then it is even easier for you because I will make comparison with npm along the way. In npm you would do npm init to create package.json file, and it will walk you through some settings you will need

CSS variables aka css custom properties

If you are programer first thing you learned is about what variable is. It is value that can be changed but you can refer to it to get it’s value as many time you want. In CSS however in 2017 you probably still can’t use them in production sites because global support for them in

Creating react-highlighter component

If you were creating your own autocomplete in jQuery, React or any other library/framework you probably wanted to highlight some letters of each item that matches user search criteria something like this: In this article I will explain idea, and also solution that has only few lines of code. When I tried to do this

Comparing underscore.js with Linq

If you are .NET developer you are probably spoiled by how it is easy to manipulate collections using LINQ. However, if you are full stack developer and write a lot of Javascript you know that is not elegant to manipulate collections in JavaScript. It is possible to use TypeScriptand use something like: However, topic of this