Property management system – web application


Medium-to-large software solution for apartment owners. Made as single page application using Angular.js framework and ASP.NET Web API as web service technology. Web service is also used to run native Android applicaton built in Java. Other brands like Rentistic ( and Moj gost ( born from this project. This is ultimate all-in-one solution for managing reservations and accomodation making apartment owners life much easier.

Custom made in After effects


Property managment system – native android application


This is native android application built in Java using Android studio. It is all-in-one solution for managing reservations and accommodation for people in Croatia owning Android phone. It includes long list of features like:

  • Updating data about apartment location, name and  long list of details about apartment
  • Uploading and managing images
  • Managing reservations
  • Viewing list of documents relevant to apartment owners
  • Help&support features like conversations with costumer support
  • Managing prices and discounts
  • Ligthspeed check-in procedure to eVisitor with  real-time ID cards & passport scanning feature.

portfolio android vlado pandžić


Isomorfic React.js app for travellers

PROJECT URL (and much more, see below)

This is web application for travellers where they can book their accommodation, trip, cruise or rent a car. It is built as isomorfic React.js app using technologies like ASP.NET Web Api, ASP.NET MVC, Webpack, Typescript. I exaplained in this blog post all tehnical and other reasons for choosing this technology stack. Currently it is used to run many different websites like:,,,, and dozens of more. Built with performance, testability and reusability of frontend components in mind in and it combines other important features like SEO.

(disclaimer: on this project I was not the only developer who worked on project)

Large project which 4.000.000 of travellers visit every year. My responsibility was frontend development of most frequently used part of websites.


Github profile

Few open source projects like .NET SDK for WebPay payment integration system.

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Simple web shop application

PROJECT URL  Currently not published
Final semestar project at my college. Web application built using ASP.NET MVC, jQuery. It includes CMS for admin of the web shop.

I was building this website in team of two while still was student. Built using ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Bootstrap. It includes CMS for admins.


portfolio project cro split Vlado Pandžić,,, and as well as Android Online Adriagate application are property of Adriagate and Travelsoft companies. Cro-split apartments is property of Deliciae Dalmatia. Any code from those projects can not be shared, however as they are publicly available any of this projects can be shown.