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LINQ – Language Integrated Query

Articles about LINQ – Language Integrated Query, a Microsoft .NET Framework component that adds native data querying capabilities to .NET languages.
LINQ comprises a series of operators, which are used to filter, query and project data in arrays, enumerable classes, relational databases and XML. Operators like Select, SelectMany, Join, OrderBy, GroupBy, FirstOrDefault are explained.

One of the best things about LINQ is that querying, projecting and filtering different sets of that in LINQ is almost completely the same. It is not important if data are inside memory, database or XML documents you will use same syntax and concepts. LINQ is deepy integrated in C# language. Althought majority of posts are related to LINQ to Objects other types of LINQ providers like LINQ to Objects,LINQ to XML (XLINQ),LINQ to SQL (DLINQ), LINQ to DataSets,LINQ to Entities are also explained.

Also, there are few comparisons to LINQ in another languages. Read posts about LINQ:

Comparing underscore.js with Linq

vpandzic 0

If you are .NET developer you are probably spoiled by how it is easy to manipulate collections using LINQ. However, if you are full stack developer and write a lot of Javascript you know that is not elegant to manipulate…

Using LINQ in Android for all API levels with android-linq

vpandzic 0

If you have been C# developer who then started programming for Android you were amazed with the fact that Java is similar to C#, much more than new official language for Android development – Kotlin. However, soon you find out…