.NET tool to see installed .NET core version and .NET tool to see outdated project dependencies: dotnet-runtimeinfo and dotnet-outdated

If you want to quickly see version of .net installed there is dotnet --version command. However, if you want to see more detailed information including exact version of operating system and OS arhitecture there is dotnet-runtime info tool. https://www.nuget.org/packages/dotnet-runtimeinfo/

You can install it by running dotnet tool install --global dotnet-runtimeinfo.

You can now run it using: dotnet-runtimeinfo. It will produce result similar to this one:

Another useful tool I would like to speak about today is dotnet-outdated tool. https://www.nuget.org/packages/dotnet-outdated-tool/ You can install it by running command dotnet tool install --global dotnet-outdated-tool and then use whenever you want by using dotnet outdated inside your solution folder. What it does is that it gives you information about outdated project dependenies for all your projects inside solution at one screen. It tells you at which version you currently are and what is newest available version. Nice!

It produces result similar to this:

What is really nice is that you can also upgrade all project dependencies by using just one letter.

Just add -u switch when running tool : dotnet-outdated -u

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